7 Ways to Love Yourself Today

Self-compassion seems to be one of the most neglected things in society today. Compassion towards other comes easily, but being kind to ourselves is something that many of us struggle with today. Don’t know how to get started on the journey to love yourself? Here are 7 easy ways that you can love yourself today 🙂

  1. Make time in your schedule for “Me Time” 
    • Sometimes we get too caught up in our busy lives that we forget to set time aside for ourselves! Unplug from the outside world and settle in to some quality time with yourself, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes each day. Give yourself a mani pedi, read a guilty pleasure book, draw or paint, knit, do anything that gives you joy! Don’t lose yourself during your crazy life, so don’t forget to schedule some time each week for “me time.”
  2. Start each day with an affirmation.
    • Affirmations are easy ways to remind yourself that you are awesome! They’re short sentences or phrases that you repeat to yourself throughout the day. Here are a few that you can use, but find what speaks to you the most!
    • “I am enough.”
    • “Today is going to be great.”
    • “All is well.”
  3. Plan time to meet up with friends each week.
    • Humans are social creatures, and we crave attention from our friends and peers! It’s important to spend time with friends that make you feel good about yourself. Being around those kinds of people will help you realize just how much you are loved. Make it a point to set aside time each week for friends if you don’t already.
      • Some ways to spend quality time with friends:
        • Coffee date
          • What better way to tell your friends that you love them “a-latte” than hitting up your favorite coffee shop and catching up over cappuccinos?
        • Movie night
        • Shopping spree
        • Study date
        • Volunteer together
          • Feel good
  4. De-stress 
    • Life can be stressful. We all know that! But going through life without some serious de-stressing can have negative impacts on our mental and physical health. To love yourself, you have to let yourself relax for once! There are a million and one ways you can de-stress, but I’ve listed a few of my favorites below:
      • Coloring Books
        • These are all the rage now! “Adult” coloring books can help relieve stress by calming your nerves while creating something beautiful at the same time. Mandala coloring books are my favorite, but there is a huge variety of coloring books that you can get anywhere, from Amazon.com to michaels.com
      • Bubble Baths
        • Treat yo self to your own spa day! Gather some super sudsy soap or a bath bomb, get a great playlist, light some candles, and voila! You’ve got yourself a kickass bubble bath that will help calm your nerves. Add some essential oils to help further relieve stress! The best essential oils for de-stressing are lavender, chamomile, rose, ylang ylang, and bergamot.
      • Meditation/Yoga
        • Five minutes a day of meditation can reap amazing benefits! It’s great for relieving stress and also showing yourself some self-love. Yogis focus on their breathing during their practice, which is a great way to lower blood pressure and anxiety. Plus, it’s exercise! Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t! Legally Blonde reference, anyone?
      • Girls’  (or Guys’!) Night
        • Nothing screams loving yourself like having a night for just you and your girlfriends. Whether it’s a movie night, a wine night, or just having a sleepover full of sappy movies and gossiping, spending some much needed girl time can help you get centered with yourself.
  5. Find a way to laugh each and every day. 
    • Even if it’s for five minutes or less, laughing each day helps you keep a positive look on life. Find your favorite comedy or sitcom, and tune in for a few minutes. In no time, you’ll be cracking up and forgetting about anything that has brought you down throughout the day.
  6. Do something kind for others. 
    • Loving yourself can be a challenge, but studies show that doing something kind for others can actually help you love yourself! It can be letting someone into your lane while driving, holding the door for the person behind you, or leaving a bigger tip than normal for your favorite barista, but simple small acts can lead to you feeling absolutely great!
  7. Be your own best friend.
    • At some point in time, we’ve all been a little too hard on ourselves when we feel like we’re not measuring up to our own standards. Don’t kick yourself over your mistakes! You’re human, and you need to treat yourself like it. If you’re noticing that you have really degrading self-talk, stop and think: would I say this to my best friend? Chances are, no. Talk to yourself like you’re your own best friend, and you’ll realize that you’re not as bad as you think you are.

Loving ourselves can be hard sometimes, there’s no doubt about it! But there are thousands and thousands of ways to love ourselves. What do some of you guys do to love yourself? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know below!

Xoxo, Amber